IMPORTANT: Anyone that did not come to us last year for their tax preparation has to be inputted as a new client.  Please read ALL the following information, so all appropriate forms are completed.  

Businesses - Estates - Trusts - Non-profits (New Clients)

**Single-member LLC's and Sole Proprietors must use the Individual Client Page**

In order to prepare tax returns for various entities, we need certain items.  The following are a list of the items we need: 

• Intake Form: Businesses (Partnerships or Corporations) - Estates or Trusts - Non-profits - HOA's 

• A signed Engagement Letter and Fee Agreement

• A copy of last year's tax return

• A Profit and Loss Statement for the filing year

• A Balance Sheet for the filing year

• A breakdown of equipment, assets, furniture, and vehicles by date, cost, and description 

• A Statement of Cash Flows

• The W-3 and W-2's - if applicable 

• Form 1096 (Summary of 1099's) - if applicable 

• A Consent to Release Infomation Form (In order for us to correspond via email or fax) 

Heading 1


Credit Card Authorization Form 

EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS: ​If you would like to email us your information, we only take PDF format files that have been originally scanned and saved as PDFs.  You cannot convert a PDF from a picture file. If you have a smartphone or tablet and use a PDF scanner it usually takes a picture and converts it to a PDF, which usually does not work for our systems.  If at all possible, please scan them into a computer and save them as a PDF to your desktop  Then attach that PDF to your email.  

PDF INSTRUCTIONS FOR MULTIPLE PDFs:  If you send more than 5 PDF attachments, including in multiple emails, we have to put your documents in a holding bin until someone can merge them.  It will speed up the processing of your return if you merge them into 5 or fewer documents before sending them to us.  


HOW TO MERGE PDF FILES:  Go to insert file on your PDF viewer and select it.  It will ask you if you want to insert.  Then select the various pages you want to insert and insert them into the file you have open.  Just hit save once you are completed or you will lose everything you have inserted.   


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