Frequently asked questions

As a new tax client, what forms of ID do I need to bring?

IRS requires us to have copies of Social Security Cards and unexpired Drivers Licenses or State Identification Cards for all clients for whom we prepare taxes. Therefore, we need a copy of your Drivers License or State ID Card for any taxpayer and spouse, and copies of Social Security Cards taxpayer, spouse and any dependants on the tax return. Please see New Clients page for more information.

What happens if I don't have all the necessary forms of ID with me?

If you do not have all necessary forms of ID with you initially, we can still begin to prepare your taxes. However, we ask that all necessary forms of ID are provided before we complete the taxes. If you cannot find your Social Security Card, we will prepare your taxes without it. However, we request that you bring it by after you receive your new Social Security Card. We will give you an application for a replacement SS Card.

I have a busy schedule, can I drop off my taxes?

We do offer a dropoff service for our existing tax clients. We would just need to update your contact information and other vital information at the time of drop-off. If you are using our night drop off slot, we ask that you visit either our New Client's Page or Returning Client's page, so you will have everything you need when your taxes are dropped off. If you do not do the Update Worksheet, please provide us with your phone number and address. In both cases, we still need all copies of necassary forms of ID and a Disclosure must be signed each year. We no longer prepare taxes without the necessary information and Disclosures on file prior to preparing taxes.

Do I have to electronically file my taxes?

IRS & most states mandates that all Tax Preparers must electronically file all returns. In order for us to mail your taxes, additional forms must be put on your taxes. Since we charge on a per form basis, it costs more to mail your taxes.

With e-filing, how long does it take to get my refund?

You have several options when e-filing your taxes - Both IRS and all states let you get a direct deposit or a mailed check. Direct Deposit to a saving or checking is the quickest way to get your refund. IRS states that 9 out of 10 refunds come in less than 21 days. If you have EIC, then your refund cannot be issued by law before February 15th. Many states have enacted laws holding refunds that contain EIC as well. The third option is having us print your check her in our office. With this option, we can take the cost of you tax return fee out of your refund, as long as the refund is high enough and the refund is issued from the IRS or the State you live in. Under this option, refunds are issued in the same amount of time as the direct deposit option. This option; however, has an additional charge.

Is there an additional charge for Direct Deposit of my refund?

No, there is not an additonal charge for Direct Deposit of your refund.

I've moved out of state, can you still prepare my taxes?

Yes, HHTS prepares taxes for many clients all over the United States and in other countries. Out of State clients either mail or email (PDF only) their information to us and we call with any quesitons or when the taxes are completed. Once completed we can mail/email/fax the E-File forms to our clients. If you go to the Client's Tab and then click either new clients or returning clients tab, you will find all the forms listed that you will need. If you send a PDF, it must be an originally scanned and saved PDF. Not a converted PDF from a picture file. Smart phones take a picture and then converts it. Converted files have problems and are often times unstable.

What are you fees for tax preparation?

The cost of tax preparation varies from client to client; additionally, it can vary from year to year. Normally, HHTS charges on a per-form basis and only charges you for the forms used in your particular tax situation. However, in some cases we do have to add on for additional items. For instance, if we have to do bookkeeping or you have a large aount of stock sales then there would be an additional charge. You will find our prices ver competitive. We are happy to provide you with an estimated price quote prior to preparing your taxes.

Can I get an additional copy of my taxes?

Yes, we can provide you with an additional copy of your taxes for a small fee. Clients are provided a complete copy of their taxes at the time of service. However, some clients find it necessary to obtain an additional copy from time to time. The fee for an additional copy is $5.00 per tax year needed. Furthermore, we ONLY accept cash as a form of payment for copies.

What if I need to change my return?

We prepare amended returns here for anyone, regardless of if we prepared the original return or not. If we did not prepare your original return and you only want to amend the state return, then we will have to charge for both federal and state returns since the federal carries to the state. If the change is a result of a mistake that we made, there is no charge for the amended return. If the change is a result of any other reason, including the law changing either requiring an amended return or for your benefit then there is a charge to amend the return.

I would like to handle my taxes via email, is that possible?

Yes, please go to either the returning client's or new client's page and fill out all the information that pertains to you. Then scroll to the bottom of the website page and you will find instructions for emailing your tax information to us.


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