Practice & Experience

Our Humble Beginnings...


Hampden Hills Tax Service, Inc. (HHTS) began as a part-time business in 1978 in the home of Bill Gervase. Bill decided to name the business after the neighborhood that he lived in.  


HHTS was one of the first tax businesses in the Roanoke area to prepare taxes using a computer system.  In 1985, we assisted with the IRS's beta test pilot for their new e-file program, which launched in 1986.  HHTS has always strived to be a leader in use of technology in the services we offer to our clients.


In 1991, HHTS incorporated and moved from Bill’s home to Vinton, Virginia. In 1994, Phillip Gervase, Bill's son started working as a preparer.  In May 2006, we moved (within the same building) to our current location at 223 W. Virginia Ave., Suite F.  We launched our website on March 14, 2009. Over the years, HHTS has grown, from a humble home business into a trusted resource for all of your tax and financial needs.

After 38 years Bill Gervase retired and sold the business to his son Phillip.  Today, Phillip and the rest of the staff continue to work hard to serve your needs.


Serving Clients Around the World...


HHTS now has clients all over the world. We prepare federal and all state income taxes for individuals, estates, trust, corporations, partnerships, and non-profit companies. We also prepare payroll taxes and unemployment taxes. In addition, we offer payroll and bookkeeping services for our clients.  


HHTS assists both individuals and businesses with more than tax preparation services. We offer many products that can provide security and financial growth for your retirement. In our investment line, we offer 401(k) rollovers, annuities, IRAs, as well as, many other retirement and investment options. Additionally, we offer life, health, and long term care insurance.  


Often we hear about people who spend years building their retirement in a 401(k) and, upon leaving their job, withdraw the money to pay off debts leaving nothing for their future.  Many of those people are hit with IRS penalties for early withdrawals and are unable to pay them plus the tax owed. It's our goal to help you avoid these mistakes and assist you in maximizing your tax benefits while building a strong, lasting retirement plan. By looking at your complete financial picture, from taxes to investments, we can offer strategies that really work for you!  


You Can Trust HHTS...


In our ever-changing economy, isn’t it nice to know that there’s a resource like HHTS that you can trust? We have been serving our clients since 1978 and look forward to continuing to serve our clients in the future.  Our staff works hard to make sure we have the knowledge and resources that are needed and the customer service you have come to expect.


We thank each of our clients for allowing us to serve them and look forward to each new client we are able to serve in the future.  

Experienced Tax Advisor

Phillip Gervase is an Enrolled Agent.  This certification testifies to the level of tax knowledge he possesses.  He has worked in the field for over 25 years. 


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

We have always kept it a priority to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  In so doing this, it helps protects our clients and provides them with the best service we can offer.  

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Phillip has successfully founded and operated three businesses. Additonally, he helped lead and grow HHTS to where it is today. Therefore, he has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that can help grow and support our clients' needs. 




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